UPDATE 10/9:

Authorities have revealed the identity of the man shot and killed in Ewa Beach on Friday. 

According to Police, 37-year-old Steven Suster was shot by a homeowner when he was on his property with a knife.

The 54-year-old man was arrested but later released. The case has been classified as a homicide. 


According to Honolulu Police they are investigating the incident that took place on Friday on a property around 9 p.m. that left one man dead.
Those in the Ewa Beach community tell KITV4 that the family living at the home where the incident took place have only been there for a few years.
According to neighbors, the family who lives there normally keep to themselves. Some even heard the sound of gunshots on Friday night.
"I was collecting the trash because it was trash day the next day then I heard a pop pop and right away in my mind I thought 'that's a gun.' I made sure my family was alright because I knew I heard it from right outside the gates of our property," neighbor John Bermuda said. 
That neighbor says he was thinking about getting security cameras before the incident occurred, now he says he is going to get them as soon as possible.