A second person in Hawaii has reportedly become sick after vaping and the state is now urging residents to stop vaping altogether. 

Hawaii Department of Health experts don't know what exactly is causing the rapid lung illness but they are sure that more cases will happen here and more than likely impact young people who vape. 

"Vaping is not safe. Everyone is advised to stop using vaping products until more is known about its association with serious lung disease," Bruce Anderson of the Hawaii Department of Health said.

There have been hundreds of cases around the nation, the majority of them involving vaping off-market products.

At TCA CBD Vapor in Honolulu, regional manager Matthew Duran says sales have dropped by 40% even though they don't sell off-market products.

Everything brought in is U.S. certified. All FDA regulated and come with warning labels on them, and they have to be in order for us to sell them," Duran said.

The state is now issuing a health advisory to urge everyone to stop vaping.

"Ecig and vaping products are unsafe and largely unregulated," Governor David Ige said.

The state hasn't identified a product causing the serious lung illness but it is concerned because the two largest groups of people affected have been teens and young adults aged 20-29-years-old.

Hawaii has the highest rates of teen vaping use, therefore the Department of Health expects to see even more instances of this outbreak here in Hawaii. 

"I have very little doubt we will see more cases as they have nationwide," Anderson said. 

The state will spend $1.5 million on a digital messaging campaign aimed at Hawaii youth which will start in January.

That is also when legislation calling for more state regulation of e-cigarettes and taxes similar to the $3.20 on each regular pack of cigarettes will also be introduced.