October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. According to Sejal Megill, founder of the Mali Bella Foundation, one in every four women lose a baby during pregnancy, delivery or infancy.

Megill lost her daughter, Mali Bella, just weeks after she gave birth to her. Megill desperately wanted to find parents who have experienced a similar tragedy to speak with, but couldn't. 

"A lot of people grieve in silence," said Megill.

For this reason, she started the Mali Bella Foundation, which aims to connect parents who live through the tragedy of losing a child with one another.

"You're not alone. There's so many others out there who may have experienced what you've gone through," said Megill.

The Mali Bella Foundation holds meetings and events twice monthly. They also have an anonymous chat feature on their website for parents.

"Sometimes it's really hard to just pick up the phone and call somebody or just show up to a group meeting," said Megill of the online chat feature.

Going forward, Megill hopes to being selling handmade jewelry with the Mali Bella Foundation, and use those profits as donations to Hawaii families who have experienced the death of a child. 

"I feel like every time I meet another family that has gone through a loss part of me heals," said Megill.