During Sunday's efforts to find Nicholas Tachino, a body was found. But a family spokesperson says they don't believe the body belongs to him.

"It was just an unfortunate coincidence but until we get 100 percent proof that it is or isn't him, nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing has changed," Jane McKee, Nicholas Tachino's friend, said.

Tachino went missing on September 23, but McKee described the body found on Sunday as badly decomposed to a point where it's almost a skeleton. They believe it was there long before their search efforts started.

The 51-year-old Tachino was last seen in the Airport Industrial Park area, but his car was found near the Olomana Trail, that's why family and volunteers have been searching that area. Part of the challenge in searching is the trail itself.

"The areas we're putting people in are incredibly dangerous at this point with the amount of rockfall that happens out there and how slick everything is. Even the folks are walking on very steep very muddy areas so it's more for their safety. If there's a chance it is him, I wanna keep them safe," Chris Berquist, Find Nicholas Tachino search organizer, said.

"We're sending out teams in specific areas to eliminate those areas so we can concentrate our efforts on the areas that haven't been worked because it is a big area, it's very challenging terrain," McKee said.

Some of today's volunteers were the people who helped find the missing Maui hiker Amanda Eller.

"We're here to help and the biggest thing is community organization and trying to help with the technology and bringing the track able searching into it. If it wasn't for looking at his tracks, I wouldn't have sent people over there so that's very prevalent to what we're doing," Berquist said.

Because of today's discovery, the team decided to stop search efforts until the medical examiners can identify the body to determine if it is or isn't Tachino, that process can be as quick as 24 hours.