The Honolulu Fire Department, Federal Fire Department, American Medical Response Hawaii, and Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition teamed up to kick off Fire Prevention Week with a family event on Saturday at Honolulu Zoo.

"Nearly 50% of all of our fires are related to some kind of a cooking issues, either leaving it unintended, inadvertently activating the stove or leaving the burner on itself," HFD Fire Captain Scot Seguirant.

Fire officials and first responders were on hand to answer questions, while activities like a pop-up house helped make fire safety education fun and interactive by teaching families about potential hazards and the proper way to escape from a fire.

Tuck and roll, demonstrates Marvin Galvez, fire inspector with the Federal Fire Department, which oversees the military installations in Hawaii. Other phrases to remember include "stop, drop and roll" and "stay low and go," a technique to prevent lethal smoke inhalation.

"It's the smoke, the super hot heated gases and the toxins in the smoke that will kill you," Seguirant said.

Experts say safety is about being proactive, way before the 911 call. Families should have working smoke alarms and an emergency plan, including a designated safe meeting place.

"If you actually plan and practice your escape, you're more likely to survive the fire in your home," Seguirant added.

The event featured an obstacle courses and activities that teach children the skills to survive a fire. Kids also got to ride a fire truck and try on firefighter uniforms. Aside from fire safety, the public learned about CPR, ambulance services, and more.

"We learned a lot about car seat safety and make sure kids are in the right car seat for their size and age," said resident Steven Mosley. His 3-year-old daughter Maya said she enjoyed the fire safety obstacle course.