A torched bulldozer is finally gone after city crews went back to Sherwood Forest to remove it. 

It was set on fire back in May and caused $50,000 in damages to the equipment. The machine was first dismantled into pieces then pulled out of the construction area.

The city plans to spend about $32 million to build a multi-purpose field, 11 stall parking lot and a playground. But protectors of the forest believe the project will disturb iwi kupuna -- or human remains -- in the area. 

"Because of the rain, as we see right now, the ground is super saturated so we don't have them to be pulling to disturb or move Earth, so that's why we're here today watching the action going down," said Kuike Kamakea-Ohelo, 'Save our Sherwoods' President.

Honolulu Police are investigating the case as Arson.  City officials say Arson in the First Degree is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.