Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim released a booklet Monday titled “The Heart of Aloha, Maunkea, a Way Forward."

The hope was to bring together the people of Hawaii to find and create a way to move forward "in a good way."

"Under the leadership of dreamers, innovators, and awakened community, this can be the leverage for not only Maunakea issues, but to understand and address wrongs of past to make us a better people and place," Mayor Kim wrote.


Within the booklet, the foundation of Hawaii -- governance, language and education, and culture -- was chronicled over time.

Issues of astronomy on Maunakea were also laid out -- including the response of there being 'too many telescopes,' 'too many visitors' and 'isolated bureaucracy.'

The booklet also included pledges from various politicians, as well as TMT leaders.


"I will administratively restructure the management of Maunakea to include representation by the Hawaiian community and by County government, while working with the Legislature for permanent restructuring of management," Governor David Ige stated.

Ige's spokesperson released the following statement:

"The governor asked Mayor Kim to take the lead in reaching common ground with the protesters and the broader community. This brochure reflects the Mayor's leadership in this effort. Mayor Kim's "Way Forward" provides historical context for today's situation and responds to the most frequently heard concerns about the TMT project. Governor Ige will continue to work with Mayor Kim and others to achieve a better future for all."

To view the entire booklet, click here.

Kaho'okahi Kanuha - one of the leaders of the kia'i or protectors of Mauna Kea - said they have not wavered in their plan to stop construction. He adds that piece was missing from this proposal. 

"It fails to address the issue that we've been raising here over the past 80 days," he said.

Mayor Kim said he met with protectors for their input, but Kanuha does not know who Kim met with. 

"As far as representation from the Mauna has not been included in the development of this plan."