A trespassing incident at Millilani Uka Elementary School on Thursday quickly prompted safety concerns from parents and the Department of Education making changes.

In a voice mail to parents, Principal Steve Nakasato said a trespasser gained entry to the school campus twice in one day. He said changes will be made to ensure student safety but parents said they are wondering how this was able to happen in the first place. 

Nakasato in the voice mail said the trespasser was located on campus Thursday morning, that's when police were called.

The woman was arrested but later released by police, according to Nakasato. The woman then showed up at the school during an after-school program and police had to be called once again.

Simona Belhaj, a parent of one of the students, said her son saw the woman walk into the school cafeteria in the morning.
Her son told her that same woman came back later that day and tried to grab a fellow student.

"Where is the security? What is the DOE (Department of Education) going to do to safeguard the schools and the students? And what do we do moving forward?" said Belhaj. She said the principal told her that the school is implementing a new safety process for the after-school program, along with other improvements.

The Department of Education was not specific about the changes that might be made but in a letter to parents, shared tips on reporting stranger-danger situations.