Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino says he will make sure proper protocols were in place when an emergency phone call was sent out this morning by mistake.

Thousands of Maui residents who subscribe to the county's disaster alert system received a call from a 999 number with no message. 

Maui County officials say they are investigating what caused an error in a template that initiated the phone calls, in addition to text messages and emails for a high-surf advisory. 

"If it was where that individual wasn't paying attention, then maybe some disciplinary action may be necessitated," Mayor Victorino told KITV-4, adding that he will work with the head of emergency management to properly train equipment operators.

Earlier this month, emergency sirens were accidentally triggered on Oahu and parts of Maui during a Honolulu Police Department training session.

Last year, a false missile alert created confusion among residents.   

"There's so many methods of communicating today, that just 10 years ago, we didn't have half of it," Mayor Victorino said. "Sometimes too many systems can, and as we have seen lately, can bring out the worst in us because they have these false alarms that occur."