Getting a lawyer is expensive, but a weekend event could help you get out of your small criminal record.

Don't get stressed out about that traffic ticket or any other small citation you may have gotten. Campaign Director for Smart Justice, Monica Espitia, joined Good Morning Hawaii Thursday to talk about Expungement Week.

Q: What is Expungement Week?

A: A nationwide awareness and service event about clearing your name of criminal charges and arrest record.

Q: What is going on in Hawaii for Expungement Week?

A: There is an Expungement Clinic and Resource Fair on Saturday, September 28th at 2 pm at the law school.

Q: Who are you helping at the fair?

A: Anyone who has been arrested but not convicted - they should fill out a prescreening form. Those impacted by criminal justice system should still come since we'll have info on voting, employment, and housing rights.

Q: Why do people need help with expungements?

A: It can be a difficult and intimidating process to navigate and it can be crucial to moving forward in life for a person who has been justice involved.