In federal court Wednesday, former Honolulu Police officer Reginald Ramones pleaded guilty for failing to report that an officer forced a homeless man to lick a urinal.

Ramones and officer John Rabago were indicted back in April for depriving a man of his civil rights.

Ramones pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of a cover-up, and his plea-deal includes him testifying against Rabago.

Myles Breiner, the attorney representing the homeless man spoke after court Wednesday afternoon.

"So I take this from this police officer, he recognizes that he did something wrong. I submit his acceptance of responsibility lacked a little sincerity, and I would have expected more, but in any event it appears that the police department has a problem and that problem still needs to be solved," said Breiner, attorney for Samuel Ingalls.

The homeless man is currently in prison for a drug offense.

The Honolulu Police Department says Rabago is on restricted duty.

"My client is presumed innocent and maintains his innocence despite the recent events," said Rabago's  defense attorney, Megan Kau. "There was a joint defense agreement between the two defendants and never did Mr Ramones ever disclose a prior incident or support the government's theory that John Rabago forced the complainant to lick the urinal. The timing of his statement will definitely be brought up during his cross-examination."