The Saint Louis Crusaders football team is the best in the state and one of the best in the nation. A team full of play makers and their senior class alone already 10 with scholarship offers from an FBS program. One that doesn't have an offer could be considered the Crusaders unsung hero. For Koali Nishigaya the size might not be there but he makes up for with heart and hard work

"Unbeleivable watching what he can do," teammate Roman Wilson said, a Michigan Wolverine commit. 

"After the catch is where he's really something special. He's running and makes guys miss, even runs over guys," Crusader's Offensive Coordinator Ron Lee said.

On the Saint Louis roster Koali Nishigaya listed at just 5'5, 155 pounds.

"I'm always overlooked because of my size but I don't pay attention to that I just grind and focus," Koali Nishigaya said.

Can this senior ever play the game of football. Ron Lee calling him one of the best he has seen.

Ron- "I don't remember have a receiver like him since George O' Nallis, Gerald Welch," Lee said. "I don't think he's dropped a ball in two years."

He's on a Crusader roster that is absolutely stacked with top level college recruits.

"In our practice we're surrounded by guys that are committed to D-1 and he makes them look like they are average people," Wilson said of Nishigaya.

"Being surrounded by these top tier athletes I benefit from it, I get better, especially going against our defense which is the best in the state so defintely makes me a better player," Nishigaya said.

Nishigaya going under the radar to college programs but he's got a message to those that could absolutely be getting a steal.

"I'm working, I'm really dedicated and will give 110 percent every play. I may be small but I will get the job done," Nishigaya said.

Colleges better act fast because just like a tackler trying to take down Nishigaya, you're probably going to miss him.