Residents and visitors heard emergency sirens blaring across the island of O'ahu Wednesday evening, but it was a false alarm.

KITV4 received many phone calls in the newsroom of people hearing the sirens blaring across the island -- wondering what it might be.

Officials sent out the following message clarifying that it was in fact an error:

"Due to an error during a Honolulu Police Department training exercise, emergency sirens were mistakenly activated on Oahu. A siren in the Kahului area also was mistakenly activated during the exercise, according to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. There is no emergency at this time."

Mayor Kirk Caldwell updated the public via Facebook, saying "THERE IS NO REASON TO BE ALARMED."


The City and County of Honolulu also sent out the following message:

"There was an accidental activation of the emergency warning siren system today at approximately 5:05 p.m. There is no current emergency."

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA) says that the alarm was sounded by the Honolulu Police Department. 


Although, sirens were heard on Maui too. The Maui Emergency Management Agency also took to social media to confirm those sirens were sounded in error as well.


This is a developing story, more details to come as they surface.