New details have surfaced on the man involved in an hours-long barricade situation that happened Thursday in Pacific Palisades.

After over 15 hours in a stand off, officers from the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Specialized Services Division deployed less than-lethal gas into the home -- the suspect then exited and was taken into custody.

51-year-old Wayman Kaleo Kaua was arrested just after midnight, but has not been charged yet. 

Kaua has a criminal record that dates back to the 90s, involving a hostage situation.

In the past, Kaua was sentenced to life in prison for a hostage standoff which ended when he was shot by police. The judge considered him to be a 'danger to the community.'

In 2007, his sentence was reduced by order of the federal courts due to changes from the U.S. Supreme Court.