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Old Navy s planning to nearly double its store locations, from 1,140 to about 2,000, as part of its forthcoming spin-off from parent company.

The move comes at a time when other retailers are closing stores.

Most of the new Old Navy stores will be in North America.


Walmart is rolling out an unlimited grocery subscription. The service will charge an annual membership fee of $98 for subscribers to access unlimited same-day delivery, which will be offered in 1,400 stores in 200 markets.

By year-end, it will extend to more than 50% of the country.


Whole Foods is cutting medical benefits for hundreds of part-time workers.

The changes will take effect on January 1 and affect just under 2% of whole foods' total workforce, a whole foods spokesperson told business insider.

Whole foods has about 95,000 employees, so it means about 1,900 people will lose benefits.


Groupon and Yelp may be looking to merge.

The Wall Street journal is reporting they may make a deal, although its unclear exactly how it would work out.

Right now, Groupon is worth less than yelp so that could make yelp the buyer, if it happens at all.