KAKAAKO, Hawaii - Say "aloha shirt" and most people think of Hawaii. This very local clothing item first debuted in the early 20th century, and it's changed so much since!

A new exhibit at Ward Village, Vintage Lines, An Aloha Shirt Exhibit, traces the history of the aloha shirt. It's been worn by servicemen stationed in Honolulu during World War II, downtown businessmen, and even surfers- but its designs have changed over the decades.

As part of that exhibit, on Thursday evening, aloha shirt connoisseur Dale Hope led a discussion with a group of fashion designers about the shirt's past, present, and future. The well-known brand names were: Sig Zane, Amos Kotomori, Jams World, Reyn Spooner, Kealopiko, Kahala, and Western Aloha.

Kotomori says the shirt's future value lies more in what it symbolizes. "It's about comfort and a message of aloha. Now more than ever, we need that message of aloha," he said.

The free exhibit is on display at Ward Village through September 30.