After more than 15 hours, a man barricaded inside a Pacific Palisades home is in police custody. Just before midnight, a KITV4 crew heard at least five gunshots. Moments later, police started grabbing bulletproof gear as well.

Throughout the day, Honolulu police surrounded the area hoping the man will come out and surrender. We heard occasionally through the loud speakers where police asked him numerous times to come out and cooperate with authorities.

Authorities believe the man is the only person in the home but have not released any other information. KITV4 also spoke with the suspect’s daughter-in-law, who thinks the standoff started because of an argument between her father and his girlfriend. She thinks he’s still firing shots occasionally out of fear and not meant to hurt anyone.  

Before the standoff began, a few neighbors and witnesses say they were awakened to the sound of multiple gunshots.


“Around 9 o’clock, I heard some popping and I thought maybe it was firecrackers and someone was playing with firecrackers so I didn’t pay much attention,” Ellwood Misaki, another neighbor, said.

One woman said she didn’t think much of it until she heard yelling outside and then she saw a man hiding.

"The tenants just heard some gunshots coming from the house and next thing you know, there’s all this ruckus and cops came in, going up to make sure everyone is okay but we couldn’t go in at that point because they’ve already been going off some rounds,” Lisa Long-Hess, a witness and neighbor next to the barricaded home, said.

At one point, one shot was fired towards our camera crew and they had to take shelter and evacuate briefly.

The suspect’s family was on the scene since around 6 p.m. They were pleading officers to let them in because they said their dad is wounded with at least two gunshots and in need of their care and comfort. His daughter-in-law says she knows what he’s doing is wrong but wants people to know he’s a good person but went down the wrong path. They want police to just go into the home and safely help him out.

The tense situation also affected traffic as police shut down roads in the area like Komo Mai Drive, the only way into Pacific Palisades. Apoepoe Street was also closed, where the house is located, as well as Aupaka Street. The road closures blocked residents and cars into the area. It also blocks pedestrians from walking home because of safety reasons. Because of that, the Red Cross does have a shelter open at Pearl City District Park for residents in need. 

Our crews also visited the Pearl City shelter. There were Red Cross volunteers but no residents because many chose to stay at another location: The Palisades Recreation Center.

Two brothers, Micah and Elijah Turell were among the evacuees. They were at work when they got word of the situation. It hit close to home because the suspect is apparently in their home. They told KITV there was some panic but they found out their family was okay. But their connection to the situation goes further back

“It’s pretty surreal to think that it would happen again. We’re now looking for a place to stay and where to sleep but we’re not going to reenact that picture,” the brothers said. “For this to happen more than once more than twice is one time enough.”

The family says they have not received many updates from officials, they're just waiting for the okay return home when it's safe.

We also looked into the suspect's criminal history and we'll provide the latest once we have more confirmed.