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Some Amazon third-party sellers are only asked to submit safety documents weeks after they start selling.

CNBC reports this could leave Amazon's marketplace open to a flood of potentially unsafe products.

Amazon has told the toy sellers to submit the safety information but some of these products have already been on sale on the site.


Teen retailer, Forever 21 plans to file for bankruptcy as soon as Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But in a statement, Forever 21 said it has no plans to file for bankruptcy on Sunday. The company says their stores are open and it is our intention to continue to operate the vast majority of U.S. stores.


A majority of college students say university athletes should be paid.

College pulse says students also think the student athletes should be able to profit off their name and image.

Most of the students did agree that only those students who play sports that generate revenue should be paid.


Apple is worth one trillion dollars again. It's the first time in 2019 and comes after it announced new iPhones and a new streaming package.

Analysts expect the company's pricing moves to make its ecosystem more affordable.