A manhunt is underway for a suspect involved in a drive-by shooting in Wahiawa Wednesday.

It all happened in the middle of the day around 10:30 a.m. at a nearby bus stop. Daniel Crawford who’s in a wheelchair was sitting at the stop when someone came up on motorcycle and shot him three times.

That’s when neighbors say the man on the motorcycle took off.

Luckily, Daniel’s cousin happened to be nearby in the right place at the right time with his truck. He says he heard Daniel screaming and they rushed to get him on the bed of the truck to take him to the hospital. He says as they were rescuing him, the suspect was heading toward them again.

"I was scared really scared you now, I thought he was coming back to finish off my cousin or shoot at us, and we all ran -- everybody who was there ran," said Adam Kalawa Holbron, the victim’s cousin.

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Thankfully, Holbron says they made it out just in time, but his cousin was screaming all the way to the hospital. 

Meanwhile the suspect is still out there, and Daniel's cousins has a message for him.

"I just think that’s kind of cowardly for be shooting at somebody that’s already half crippled already, you didn’t have to do that bruh. Whoever you are, and I know whoever that person is, knows who I am. He saw me and that’s a scary thought," Holbron said.

Police say this doesn’t seem to be random. Daniel's cousin claims Daniel didn’t know the suspect, but police believe this was targeted.

Luckily no one else was around, and no one else was hit.

Daniel is expected to be okay.