Nina Pullella is back on Wellness Wednesday with the basic principles and ideas behind Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing that dates back over 6,000 yrs old from ancient India. It teaches to look to nature for guidance, medicine & teaches us how to adapt to changes like the seasons. Ayurveda heals through creating balance. Pullella goes into depth about one of the main understandings which is like increases like and opposites heal. She said, "so when we're talking about how to keep ourselves balanced in the summer's heat we can understand that adding heat to heat throws us out of balance. So we look for opposite qualities to stay in balance, which would be cooling foods & lifestyle practices."

Tesia Worley asked what kind of cooling foods would help beat the summer ice cream considered?
Pullella answered, "kind of, but not exactly. Dairy is actually a cooling food, but ice cream is very cold, too cold, which puts out our digestive fire which is the foundation of our health. So Ayurveda looks for more cooling qualities. So foods like watermelon, cucumbers, coconut, whole grains & herbs like mint & cilantro would help to cool us down from the inside out without putting out our digestive fire. We would want to stay away from things like spicy foods & heavy foods like fried foods, which increase the heat in our body. Even condiments like vinegar have a warming effect on our body so we can use things like fresh lime juice instead during the summer months. Since eating hot foods in the hot weather increases the fire in our body it can also actually cause us to have more fiery emotions, being more short tempered or more reactive."

Worley asked are there ways to cool down other than what we eat?
She answered, "Yes! So our mind & body has to "digest" or process everything that comes in through all 5 senses. So we can make better choices to pacify all of our senses during the summer months. So for sight there are cooling colors so we can surround ourselves with them like our clothing & even decorating our house- cooling colors would be blues, greens & white. You can try to wear these colors during the warmer months verses warmer colors like red & orange. That would be adding fire to the fire! There are cooling sounds like reggae, acoustic guitar & sounds of nature vs heavy metal or very fast paced music which will warm us up. There are cooling smells like the sweet smells of flowers like plumeria or rose & the cooling scents of herbs like peppermint & spearmint. And then we have cooling types of touch so that could be going for a swim in the ocean or for a hike on a covered to trail & get your feet in the cool, moist earth & better yet, jump in a stream or waterfall!"

Worley asked, what Pullella is doing in her life now to achieve health/wellness and how she is spreading it with others:
Pullella answered, "next month I will be completing a full-time 1 year program to become a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. I will be starting my practice in October using preventative health care practices, pulling out the roots of long term unhealthy habits, helping people find the right diet & lifestyle practices specifically for them. Ayurveda believes that everything is good for someone but nothings is right for everyone so it's a very individualist approach to health. I help people to learn more deeply about themselves &help to keep them on track with their goals to make lasting change, that's where real healing begins"

Nina Pullella will have an Introduction to Ayurveda class on Saturday September 28th at a new yoga studio that just opened up in Kailua, called Kalo Mind & Body.

More information, her newsletter, events, workshops and cooking classes here.