KITV4's Jane King contributed to this report -

The number of Americans without health insurance rose last year. The census bureau says in 2018, 8.5 % of the population, or about 27.5 million people, did not have health insurance at any point. That's almost a 2 million increase from 2017.

Driving the drop was the decrease in people covered by medicaid.


GameStop is closing 180 to 200 stores for good. Sales at GameStop were down 14% during the company's fiscal second quarter, the Hollywood reporter says.

It has been hit hard by online competitors.


United announced a new promotion to reach the oldest members of generation z: travelers between the ages of 18 and 22.

There are some rules: flights must be booked through the airline's mobile app; passengers have to be members of the loyalty program; and discounts are available only for economy or the no-frills class known as "Basic Economy."

An organic coffee producer on Hawaii Island, Hala Tree Coffee, announced it will employ technology to try and bring some clarity to the origins of Kona coffee.

Each bag will have a QR code consumers can scan, which will direct users to a unique web-page dedicated solely to information about the coffee in the purchased bag.