Local boy Anthony Tang is away at school in the state of Washington, but he's trying to land a job with the help of a language unique to locals in Hawaii -- Pidgin.

"It's just kind of astonishing that it actually is on USAjobs.gov -- arguably the most governmental website you could possibly get," said Tang.

'Hawaii Creole English' was recognized as an official language to the islands back in 2015, but Tang said he was surprised to see it on the application site.

Tang went on to say, "It's a big deal that the government is recognizing something that is indigenous to us."

Tang says he it does slip-up while he's away from home.

"Sometimes it comes out when I say 'small kine or rajah dat,'" he said.

Between the language level options of novice, intermediate or advance -- Tang said he's confident if it comes down to the wire he can hold one 'small kine' conversation.

For Tang, it's dialect that doesn't just represent Hawaii but also the people that call this place home.

"It's one of the things that makes Hawaii so unique because we have our own 'language,' and it's a beautiful thing," he said.