Courtesy: Hawai'i Department of Health

The Hawai'i Department of Health Sanitation Branch has issued a red “Closed” placard at Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar located on West Kaahumanu Avenue in Kahului on Maui for an extensive rodent and pest infestation.

An inspection of the restaurant was conducted on September 9, 2019 in response to an anonymous customer complaint. A red placard has been posted at the establishment to protect public health.

During Monday's inspection, a DOH sanitarian and vector control inspectors observed rat droppings on numerous surfaces, including on counter tops where food is prepared, on sloped vent hoods where it may fall into pots and pans on the stove top, and on storage shelves.

Additionally, pockets of roaches were observed, including in a plastic wrap dispenser. 

Other food safety violations observed included:

  • Unsafe cold-holding temperatures;
  • Food not protected from cross-contamination;
  • Improper thawing; and
  • Mold growth in an ice machine on the food contact surfaces.

The closure of Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar and the suspension of its food service permit will remain in effect until the establishment completes required actions, passes a follow-up health inspection and receives DOH approval to reopen. Required actions include completing a thorough cleaning of all food and non-food contact surfaces; ensuring holes and gaps where pests or rodents may enter are filled; continue contracting with a professional pest control service to treat the establishment; and eliminating all pest activity within the establishment.

A follow up inspection is scheduled for Thursday, September 12. 

Pictures courtesy: Hawai'i Department of Health