An Oahu family mourning the loss of their son, shot and killed over the weekend, has some "powerful" words for the young man suspected in his death.
A grieving mother wanted to send the F-word to the suspected shooter, but it is probably not the F-word you may be thinking of. Instead the F-word was...Forgiveness.

She told KITV4 Island News her family will use 'compassion and love' to get through this ordeal.

Instead of helping 20 year old Alan Jennings with his plans for the future, his mother Mona Tacadena is now planning his memorial.

"You never expect your son is going to leave and never come home again. It has devastated all of us," said the Waianae resident.

A shooting outside Lucky Strike late Saturday night, ended the life of 20 year old Jennings.

"I think Alan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His friend, that we trust, shared that Alan was walking away from whatever was happening, and the guy randomly shot my son," stated Tacadena.

Instead of concentrating on Alan's violent death, his family is focusing on the ways their son, brother and cousin brought joy to their lives.

"He was always smiling, happy and laughing. He was a really beautiful person," said Tacadena.

Alan had a job with Y. Hata and Co., which distributes food, but his mom said he also helped his brother and neighbors in their Waianae community build their homes. Alan had even talked to his mom about joining the carpenter's union.

Bullets put an end to those dreams.
But instead of anger at the man arrested for pulling the trigger, 23 year old Kapono Joseph Miranda, the Tacadena family is focused on a different emotion.

"We choose to give love. We choose to have compassion and forgive. Our hearts still go out to Kapono and his family because we know they are going through a lot," stated Tacadena.

Mona told KITV 4 Island News, not just her, but also Alan was a very forgiving person and would have wanted peace.

"I know that if Alan had survived this, he would forgive Kapono. That is how big his heart was."

Now as Alan's family plans a memorial for him, his mother hopes those who knew and loved him will also take time to focus on the right emotions.

"Give love, give forgiveness, and compassion. We need to stop this anger and hate, and choose love."

Tacadena said one of the bright spots in all of this, was seeing all the condolences that came in. Which helped her realize just how many people her son had affected during his short life. Now she plans to have a memorial open to everyone who knew him.