Manoa, HAWAII - The "Mauna Kea Protectors at University of Hawaii" sent out a statement condemning law enforcement violence at the mountain. The group represents more than a thousand faculty, staff, and students.

It says, "We are concerned the recent police escalation on Mauna Kea raises the likelihood the State will mobilize local law enforcement and the National Guard against the Protectors."

It demands again that UH administration assure the groups' safety by condemning police actions. It threatens, "We further demand that the University of Hawaii publicly condemn any and all state attempts to forcibly remove protectors from Mauna Kea. Finally, we warn the University of Hawaii that the failure to unequivocally denounce law enforcement action on Mauna Kea before any further threats or arrests take place will cause the mobilization of faculty and staff to interrupt the University's business as usual system wide and that we will do so in kapu aloha by any peaceful means necessary."