LAIE, Hawaii - The 29th annual Moanikeala Hula Festival returns to O'ahu's North Shore next week. 

The week long festival celebrates the art of hula will  be held at the Polynesian Cultural Center. There will also be a series of workshops that honor Hawaiian traditions. Guests can sign up to learn wayfinding and jewelry from Ni'ihau shells. There will also be ukulele lessons and poi pounding workshops. 

"I'll be sharing a little bit of history of kalo and of course, it's importance to Hawaiians, being the staple food and then demonstrate how we harvest," said Lono Logan, a cultural practitioner who will be running the workshop.

The festival runs Monday, Sept. 7 through Saturday, Sept. 9. Admission depends on the workshop. Some are free, others range from $10-60. For more information visit