It was the final play of the UH vs. Arizona, 10 seconds left, and Wildcat's Kahlil Tate broke loose with his team down 7 points when Rainbow Warrior Manly Williams took fate into not his hands, but his heart.

"Defensive end that comes up field comes all the way back. Manly Williams along with Kalen Hicks right there, the effort play to run all the way down, chase him all the way down the field," CBS sports announcers echoed after the final whistle blew.

It turned into the effort play seen around the football world. A play Williams will remember forever. One of the great plays in UH history. 

A fitting nickname for the junior out of Farrington High School. Manly "Pumba" Williams looking more like Simba from Lion King. Showing the heart of a lion, defending Pride Rock, and helping end one of the greatest football games in recent memory over the past century. It caught the attention of national media outlets as well as football coaches in both the NFL & college football. 

"In a weekend of sloppy college football, how about DT#49 Manly Williams extra effort to secure the win for Hawaii in the last play of the game. Never know if you're effort will be the difference- 40 yards downfield he makes the last. Great job Manly not giving up," ESPN College Game Day host Kirk Herbstreit tweeted.

In today's sport section of the Courrier-Journal in Louisville, the headline read, "Hawaii's game saving tackle provides Louisville football's Satterfield with a teachable moment.

"That's awesome what that kid did. Was awesome. We're going to show the team that clip today. There is always opportunities to learn. For that kid with the game on the line he did not quit. He's a defensive tackle and runs all the way down field to win the game. Sometimes those plays go unnoticed," Louisville head football coach Scott Satterfield said. 

Not the only program using it as a learning tool, one being last year's national champion Clemson Tigers.

"There's no way on earth that D-tackle is going to make that play. Can't catch that guy but because he was busting it, giving everything he had, all of a sudden Tate had to cut back and he was there. If he is not giving that type of relentless effort they lose that game. I love coaching off stuff like that with my team," Dabo Swinney said, head coach of the 2018 National Champion Clemson Tigers said.