Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami has signed a tenth supplementary emergency proclamation on Monday, August 26, for the County of Kauai, extending the emergency relief period for damages sustained during the April 2018 flood.

The Mayor’s tenth supplementary emergency proclamation further declares the provisions of all previous emergency proclamations. The disaster emergency relief period shall now continue until terminated 60 days after August 26, 2019, or by a separate proclamation – whichever comes first.

Due to the reopening of Black Pot Beach Park on July 22, 2019, the Mayor’s Emergency Rule #2 relating to commercial boating operations in Hanalei has since been rescinded.

 “Although Black Pot was reopened in July, the construction of a permanent comfort station and additional parking remains ongoing,” said Mayor Kawakami. “Thank you to the public for your continued patience, and to all who have worked diligently on repair and recovery efforts on the North Shore.”