Brian Ahakuelo, his wife Marilyn Ahakuelo and his sister-in-law Jennifer Estencion were charged in a 70-count indictment.

The U.S. Attorney of Hawaii said today that Ahakuelo gave IBEW credit cards to both his wife and Estencion, and put Estencion in charge of authorizing all company credit card purchases.

Ahakuelo allegedly created a fake position for his son-in-law which paid $29,000. He is also being accused of paying his wife's car loan of $24,500 with IBEW funds. 

Michael Brittain, Daniel Rose, Lee Ann Miyamura and current Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation spokesperson Russell Yamahona were indicted today on misdemeanor conspiracy charges.

The charges allege that they took orders from Ahakuelo and falsified ballots at a union meeting in 2015. The indictment states they created fake ballots, marked with "yes" votes which led to the passage of a 100% increase in union fees. This hike in dues led to $3.7 million being wrongfully taken from union workers. That money has since been reimbursed.