A Spanish endurance athlete is on his way way to the Waikiki yacht Club from the San Francisco Bay. His mode of transportation -- stand-up paddle board.

Antonio de la Rose is expected to arrive in Honolulu this Saturday after completing a solo trip across the Pacific Ocean. He left San Francisco on June 9, and will have traversed approximately 2,900 miles on his custom 24-foot-long vessel.

De la Rosa says his unaccompanied, self-propelled, and self-sustaining transpacific journey is meant to raise awareness of the need to protect the ocean from man-made pollution. His vessel is named Ocean Defender.

“Hawaii has a long and well-known history of navigators who have traversed the ocean to reach our shores, and we are very pleased to extend our aloha to Antonio,” said Mike Kelly, Waikiki Yacht Club commodore. 

De la Rosa has also circumnavigated the Iberian Peninsula’s coastline while stand-up paddling; completed a stand-up paddling voyage within the Arctic Circle between Ilulissat and Upernavic, Greenland, in 2016; and raced across the Atlantic Ocean in a solo rowing vessel, crossing from Senegal to French Guyana, in 2014.