When you go undefeated in the Little League World Series all the way to the U.S. championship game you get a couple well earned days off but that doesn't mean Central East Maui isn't getting ready for Saturday's showdown. KITV4 Sports Director Brandi Higa has the full report from Williamsport with who Hawaii will play and checking in on Thursday's practice.

The boys of Wailuku will face Louisiana in Saturday's U.S. title game right here on KITV4 at 9:30am. Louisiana beat Virginia 10-0 and while Hawaii already beat them here in Williamsport 5-2, they know just how dangerous the southwest region champs can be.

No taking a day off for this Maui squad. Manager Brad Lung put his boys through a conditioning session at 9am this morning before doing some fielding drills. He wants to make sure his team cleans up the defensive performance form last night. After fight from the bottom bracket Louisiana had to win four times so Hawaii knows they'll put up a tougher fight this second time around. 

"Our defense is real good. We have been hitting the ball really well. Made some errors but we will pick ourselves up, our hitting," Duke Aloy said.

"Since we condition we have more strength then other teams cause I don't think they condition as much as us," Logan Kuloloia said. 

"Keep our heads down, keep grinding, couple more games to go. Just push through it and work as hard as we can. They will have a lot of time to rest once this is done," Manager Brad Lung said. 

The game can be seen Saturday, 9:30am on KITV4.