Hawaii's Tim Dumlao and Will Tumaneng did it...they 'Beat Shazam'.

Interactive Game show hosted by Jamie Foxx puts teams of two against the clock as they attempt to identify the biggest hit songs before the song identification app Shazam.

A couple of O'ahu x-ray technologists just turned into winners with millions watching.

Starting out the show, Foxx asks Dumlao what was it like growing up in Hawaii, he responded, "growing up, Hawaiian culture is all about loving one another, aloha spirit, and family which is 'ohana. We're not only representing Will's 'ohana, not only representing my 'ohana, but we're representing the whole state of Hawaii."

Though it was a rough start, Dumlao and Tumaneng started riding the wave and finished strong. It probably helped that Dumlao is a DJ on the side.

In an interview Dumlao said, "for lack of better words...beyond belief, unbelievable, surreal..I  still haven't absorbed what really happened. We were very blessed. ...You know less than 1% of the population are game show contestants and we managed to crack that and let alone be on the season finale, it's unbelievable."

That's right. Tim and Will won the season 3 finale.

 Courtesy: @BeatShazamFox