Thousands pack Aloha Stadium for NFL’s return to the Aloha State. The last time that happened was more than 40 years ago.

No matter which team you support, tens of thousands of people packed Aloha Stadium for the Los Angeles Rams versus Dallas Cowboys game. But getting there took some time as drivers were stuck in gridlock into the stadium. Traffic was backed up from all directions as fans made their way to the big game.

For lifelong cowboys fan Randy Cababa, this is his first time seeing his favorite team in action.

“Definite dream come true because look I always wanna go to Dallas stadium but they came to me,” Cababa said. “This is my first to see my team on my island in the 808 to play in my backyard and have it my way.”

Even though his tailgate neighbor is a fan of his rival team, both say it’s a special event because professional sports teams rarely make a stop in the islands.  

“Hawaii don’t have the opportunity you know, it’s so expensive to fly to the mainland fo watch them so yeah I’m happy for that,” Moiron Enos, Los Angeles rams fan, said.

Kiai or protectors of Mauna Kea also brought their cause to the stadium. They say the support doesn’t stop no matter where they are.

“Before the game, I was Hawaiian so tomorrow after the game I’m still gonna be Hawaiian so it doesn’t stop and it is important,” Antonette Graziano, Waimanalo resident, said.

Many waved flags during Hawaii Ponoi when it was sung after the National Anthem.  Some weren’t able to bring their flags into the stadium.