Megan Tevrizian, ABC News - "This is not Afghanistan, this is not Iraq, this is the United States of America so this has no place in our country," Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke said.

Philadelphia's leaders took a stand on Thursday.

"If we don't see change, gun violence will continue to ravage our communities and tear families apart. So I say to our state and federal lawmakers, step up or step aside," Mayor Jim Kenney said. 

"We have to start figuring out ways to get guns out of the hands of people like the jerk who shot six officers," Governor Tom Wolf said. 

Those leaders referring to a seven hour tense standoff that put a North Philadelphia neighborhood in lockdown. 

The gunman, Maurice Hill, surrendering to police overnight.

The shootout started on Wednesday evening while officers were serving Hill with a narcotics warrant.

Things escalated quickly when Hill allegedly shot six police officers and barricaded himself inside his home, holding two officers hostage.

Hill's criminal history dates back to the early 2000s and includes attempted murder, kidnapping and drug dealing.

"I think it is fair to say that the criminal justice, imperfect as it is, did not stop this terrible incident," Philadelphia District Attorney said on Thursday.

Six officers were shot and all six of them were released from the hospital on Thursday.

According to his attorney, the suspect has a teenage son and a newborn daughter who is just two-days-old.