Talks of a telescope relocation atop Mauna Kea is attracting new attention.

Astronomy advocates proposed that one of the three telescopes that are set to be decommissioned on the summit be moved to another part of the mountain.
The Hoku Kea Observatory is the only telescope strictly set aside for University of Hawaii students, and it's the only one supported by demonstrators against TMT construction.
Those fighting to protect the mountain are against its relocation arguing the move would impair an already environmentally critical area.
"Hale Pohaku is right in the middle of a very ecologically sensitive area. The forest where the Palila bird lives and where other native birds live. So you don't want to have a larger footprint there," kia'i Kealoha Pisciotta said.
University of Hawaii says that the proposal is just preliminary, and if Hoku Kea is moved it could be mobile.