The great state of Hawaii known for many different things like beautiful beaches and a diverse culture and as former Rainbow Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan put it back in 2007, also home to the most fun offense in the country. For a time last year we saw a glimpse of those old days. A lot of similarities just even looking at their name. COLE McDonald, COLT Brennan and both born and raised in California. One has already left his legacy at Aloha Stadium while the other has that opportunity. 

"Literally it's shaking in anticipation of what June Jones calls the biggest football game in Warrior history," ESPN announcers said leading up to kickoff of 2007 Hawaii vs. Boise State in Aloha Stadium.

2007 was a year you can bet the Rainbow Warrior football program will never forget with a perfect 12-0 record and a berth in the Sugar Bowl.

"It's not going to be just the football team going down to play in the Sugar Bowl, it's going to be the whole state of Hawaii," 2007 UH quarterback Colt Brennan said at a fan rally in the Stan Sheriff Center.

"How old were you back then?," Cody Krupp asked Cole McDonald.

"Probably like 10-11," smiled McDonald.

For those on this 2019 roster they are barely old enough to remember the monster that was Colt Brennan. 

"Small town kid. Colt From California. Just to come out here and put Hawaii on his back like he did, it was awesome to watch as a young kid," McDonald said.

13 years later that 10 year old Cole McDonald is now the role model.

"I always made a joke that I was going to come out here and play. To actually come out here and fulfill that it's pretty crazy," McDonald said.

Many have foreseen the potential in number 13 to have the talent seen by number 15.

"Cole McDonald, when he throws the ball you can definitely see it, that comparison," Senior captain Kaimana Padello said.

"To be compared to him and even mentioned in the same sentence is a blessing and an honor," McDonald said.

Those California natives created a bond.

"I talk to Colt all the time. I got his number so he will shoot me some texts, I'll shoot him some texts back," McDonald said.

Some of what McDonald has learned just comes from the respect that Brennan earned as at the time had more touchdowns then any quarterback in major college football history.

"I just be picking his mind little by little. He can still recite every play by heart. Every coverage, every read, and it's just insane the football mind that he has. I just to try to get a little tidbit form him here and there," McDonald said.

While other advice comes straight form what Brennan learned during his time in paradise.

"Main thing he told me is just have fun. Ultimately it's a game and you're out here representing the state, and yourself so to have fun doing that. To throw touchdowns to some of your best friends, play football with some of your best friends, it's going to be a memory and he looks back on thee times and he wishes he was back here. Slinging the rock with his buddies and enjoy the moment. That's what I have been trying to do," McDonald said.

We're going to soon find out if he has what it takes to join the greats of UH.

"The early part of the season will tell a lot about how his legacy will be remembered this year," Head Coach Nick Rolovich said.