Lifeguards are reporting a large influx of Portuguese Man o' War at Waimanalo and Kailua beaches-- and stings have increased from Tuesday.

According to Ocean Safety --Wednesday there were 500 stings at Kailua Beach, 260 stings at Waimanalo, and 100 stings at Makapuu.

On Tuesday, there 100 stings at Kailua beach and estimated thousands of Man o War on the beach; there were 80 stings in Waimanalo, and estimated to be thousands on the beach; at Makapuu there were 30 stings and an estimated 500 Man o' War on the beach.

"One veteran lifeguard said it was the largest influx he has ever seen," Ocean Safety also noted.

Man o' war are blue in color and can sting if touched. Please use caution when visiting these beaches. See lifeguards at the beach for first aid if stung and for the most up to date information.