Sunday, thousands of surfers joined other kia'i in their stance against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. 

Surfers from all of the world took to social media to raise awareness on the subject using the hastags #SurfersForMaunaKea and #MaukaToMakai. 

"Their solidarity with the kia‘i (guardians) of Mauna Kea illustrates how the mountain and oceans are all connected," a spokesperson for the group Protect Mauna Kea wrote in a press release. 

Two-Time World Surf League (WSL) World Longboard Champion Kelia Moniz posted on social media, along with Championship Tour competitors Seth Moniz and Ezekiel Lau, as well as Two-Time WSL Champion John John Florence.


The group plans to organize paddle outs at numerous beaches on August 25 to continue to increase awareness, and 'unify wave riders and kia'i.'