Mayor Kirk Caldwell is defending the new pilot program for bulky trash pickup that started in June.

The city created the program to alleviate people dumping trash illegally.  Instead of a set pickup schedule around the island, people now have to call and schedule individual appointments. 

The mayor says the program has been successful so far, reporting a spike in appointments made in the first month.  But many residents have reporting the system is confusing and there are still piles of trash in places like Waikiki where people haven't made those appointments.

Caldwell says there is a learning curve with the program, and hopes once people become aware of it, some of the problems will go away. "Just like most new programs when you first bring them out change takes a while but people are getting comfortable and are starting to make appointments," Caldwell says.

Part of the issue is enforcement can be a challenge because it's unclear who is doing illegal dumping.  The city is urging anyone who sees people dumping trash illegally to call 911.  You can receive up to a $2,500 fine.

The program will be re-evaluated again in January to see if it's working.