CNN reported that one company selling bulletproof backpacks saw 200% increased sales since last week’s mass shootings. But while they do offer some protection, the backpacks are not a catch-all.

The sales are soaring, and parents know why.

"Why not have it, if it could somehow save your life? Any thing that probably could protect my daughter I’d be willing to do it," said Jared Meers, a parent in Honolulu. 

But how well do they actually work?

Steve McLaughlin, an assault prevention instructor in Honolulu, says that a bag full of books would offer the same protection, because the backpacks only protect against bullets from handguns.

The backpacks do not protect against rifle bullets, from the weapons used in shootings like those in Newtown, CT and Parkland, FL. 

Two bulletproof backpacks are currently being sold at Office Max in Honolulu, one for $187 and one for $225.