Dozens of North Shore residents lined up along Laniakea Beach, demanding a solution to make that stretch of highway safer.

"We've been suffering for too long and we need people to come out and show their solidarity with us and demand a solution," Melissa Spectre, a Sharks Cove resident, said.

They want to stop cars from parking on Kamehameha Highway fronting the beach and have concrete barriers re-installed.

"There's no reason why there needs to be a traffic jam, there's no reason why people need to be darting across the street, there's no traffic control whatsoever," Boyd Ready, a Pupukea resident, said.

The Department of Transportation also believes the barriers are the best temporary solution because it claims that prevents cars from parking on the mauka side of the highway, reducing foot traffic crossing the street. But a 2015 lawsuit forced the state to remove them. Ready wants those suing the state to drop their lawsuit.

"So the agencies can get together because lawsuits jam up the works," he said.

Protestors say another contributor to the problem are tour buses because they stall traffic and create a potential safety hazard when tourists cross busy Kamehameha Highway.

"I can certainly understand people want to come and see the turtles. That's totally cool but we have to have some sort of organization of where they can stop. How long they can stop and how to get people to cross the road," Spectre said.

A Honolulu police officer says they can't cite cars that park across Laniakea beach because there are no official signs that says no parking.

Henry Emmsley drives a tour bus. He says traffic in that area has been heavy for years even without tour buses stopping there.

"How we handle it, the bus drivers. We take them all walk across the same time then we tell the tourist shaka, that means thank you in Hawaiian, aloha and mahalo. Then they go swim," Emmsley said. "Other than that, it's all good. We don't come in to bother."

There are many ideas but each group needs to cross barriers to come to an agreeable solution.