Ewa Elementary School's Principal Stan Tamashiro’s letter to parents revealed that only two of the seven classrooms in the school’s M building have properly working air conditioning.

Hawaii State Representative Rida Cabanilla Arakawa says there is over $2 million budgeted to the school to fix things like that.

But the process of releasing that money isn't as simple as one may think.

"The principal submits the request to the district supervisor. The complex supervisor takes it to the department of education. The department has to request from the governor that that money be released. And then they have to follow the procurement code to release it and then they give it to the best bidder," explained Representative Cabanilla. 

She added, "Until the department of education writes to the governor please release the money there's really nothing I can do. There's so much people that get affected with the decision that the department of education makes."

The process to release this money and fix the AC could take up to six months.