A Hawaii man is one of dozens of men being sued over sexual assaults from Guam's Catholic archdiocese.

At least 35 clergy, teachers and scoutmasters have been accused of sex crimes against children. 

Robby Perez says he was abused by priest David Anderson -- who now lives in Aiea -- and says Anderson took advantage of him and his family. 


Anderson was later confronted about what happened all those years ago at his home. A reporter asked if he was living with children and if they were family members -- then followed up by questions whether they should be made aware of the accusations against him.

"No, they don't have to know this. It was long, long time ago. I was young. The person was young. I was very close to the family," said Anderson.

Unlike dozens of archdioceses in the mainland, Guam has yet to issue a list of priests whom the church deems credible accused of sexual assault.