An Ohio couple says their fertility clinic used another man’s sperm during their in vitro fertilization (IVF) back in 1994.

A paternity test confirmed Joseph Cartellone is not his daughter's biological father. 

"I never would've imagined the Christmas gift of a home DNA kit would unveil this kind of abuse of our trust," Cartellone said.

The couple's lawsuit alleges a breach of contract, negligence, and breaking a legal-binding promise from the fertility company they used. It also claims battery against Jennifer Cartellone because she would not have consented to an embryo that had been fertilized by a stranger being used in the procedure.

The Institute for Reproductive Health released the statement:

"Embryology procedures are performed in a distinct laboratory during all IVF processes. Our physicians are not involved in the fertilization of eggs with sperm, as this process is handled by embryologists in the IVF laboratory. IRH has stringent protocols in place to verify patient identity and maintain the chain of custody of all specimens involved in the IVF process. Our lab protocols have been inspected and accredited...We take very seriously the trust and faith that our patients have in our practice, and we will continue to provide the highest quality individualized care."

Joseph Cartellone said his daughter is struggling with the news.

"She's experiencing significant emotional distress and confusion concerning her own identity," he said.

He says his daughter wonders whether she has brothers or sisters, and who her other grandparents are?.

Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened -- a couple in California sued a Los Angeles fertility center after they say they went court to get custody of their baby from a woman across the country who had unwittingly given birth to a child using their embryo as a result of the facility’s error.

Cartellone hopes his case will help others in the future, and that hopeful parents go into the fertility process with their "eyes wide open."