A man accused of killing an elderly woman is caught on camera and now police need your help finding him.

In the two videos released by Honolulu Police, the man you see dressed in a white shirt, light-colored shorts, slippers and his hair tied back in a black beanie is the man they say killed an elderly woman. The woman pictured in the second video with the same man is wearing black pants and a black long-sleeve t-shirt.

According to police, the suspect was riding a bike on Kamehameha Four Road on July 21 when he snatched an 85-year-old woman's purse around 5:45 a.m. and then left the scene. 

The woman fell and hit her head, she was then taken to the hospital where police say she died from her injuries five days later.

"There was another video where the male is accompanied by a female. We also need this female identified. She's not a suspect at this point. She a person of interest or a possible witness to this case," Honolulu CrimeStoppers Sergeant Chris Kim said. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Honolulu CrimeStoppers at (808)955-8300.