Leading the UH football team as captains for the 2019 season will be four players from Hawaii. Dayton Faruta (Mililani), Jason-Matthew Sharsh (Moanalua), Azia Se'ei (Radford) & Kaimana Padello (Mililani). 

Here is head coach Nick Rolovich on his selections:

Jason-Matthew Sharsh

"Sharsh, you're not going to out work him. You may work as hard as him but you're not going to out work him. He's very smart and incredibly valuable to our team."

Dayton Faruta

"Faruta is a guy who didn't have a home for three years. Became a major contributor to us when we switched offenses. Never gave up, never complained, always did what he's supposed to do. I like seeing good things happen to guys like that."

Azia Se'ei

"Azia I remember being at Radford High School. Someone came up to me and said there is this kid Azia, he just wants to walk on and I'm like sure lets get him. He's earned a scholarship."

Kaimana Padello

"Kaimana, the walk on to captain story."