We all find our motivation in different ways and for UH football sophomore defensive back Khoury Bethley it happened at a very early age. As fast as the Rainbow Warrior comes down from his safety position to make a tackle, that's how fast he had to grow up. KITV4 Island Sports Reporter Cody Krupp has the story. 

"Anything can happen at any given time so I try to enjoy my life and always have fun, and stay positive," Khoury Bethley said back in September of 2017 during an interview with NBC Los Angeles. 

In high school the story of Khoury went nationwide evening striking a cord with former Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward.

"Today's positive athlete is Khoury Bethley," Ward said during a segment for HNN-CNN. 

Bethley lost his mother to brain cancer at just six years old and she not only has been along for the ride in his mind.

"What I went through as a kid it humbled me and it's "whys". Everyday I wake up in the morning cause I have people to provide for and just look out for my family. Trying to make a way and a name for myself," Bethley said.

His mother is also with on his arm.

"RIP Mom right here, and the date right there," Bethley said.

What a ride so far it has been for Bethley.

"He is always coming down hill. It's something I am going to show the defense that when he gets in there he is coming in flying. There is people's legs flying down," Rainbow Warrior head football coach Nick Rolovich said.

As a freshman Rainbow Warrior he played in all 14 games making 35 solo tackles. Also broke up four passes, had a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. 

"That got the nerves out of me. Once I realized it's just football, I have been doing this all my life so nothing new really. Just out there having fun, playing with my teammates," Bethley said.

Of course the NFL is the long term goal.

"Division one level, if that's not your goal then I don't think you should be playing division one football," Bethley said.

"A professional mindset. He's got no issues in school, he's got no issues as a person, no issues in the community, and he cares about football. It is really important to him," Rolovich said.

The goal that is always on mind though goes back to his mother.

"I made a pledge to my mom before she passed away that I would get my degree in college," Bethley said in an interview with HNN-CNN.

"That probably drives him everyday. When he gets tired from school and has to go to practice. I would bet a lot of money that he does make that come true for his mom," Rolovich said.

Well on his way as he makes her proud each day while continuing to make plays.

Asked would Mom be pretty proud of you right now?

"My sister always tells me, my family always tells me a lot but you know I have a lot more to accomplish and I'm not going to stop till I reach it," Bethley said.