Big island Mayor Harry Kim has been a long time supporter of the Thirty Meter Telescope even though the majority of his community is opposed to the development on Mauna Kea. 
Last week Governor David Ige put Mayor Kim in charge of mediating talks between both sides to try and find a compromise.
The mayor says the issues are not just about the mountain or telescope but rather keeping a community united.
"I don't like violence I don't like force to do anything. And so help me who wants to be responsible for calling in things that will result in conflict between people on this island. To your question about how we are going to do it, maybe I'll ask you to help me out here." Mayor Harry Kim stated.
He believes demonstrators have the right to protest and TMT has the right to build, and all people have access to the mountain.
However, he believes all areas need enforcement therefore his job is to find out the best way to make that happen. 
Mayor Kim believes all areas need enforcement and his job is to find the common ground between the two opposing sides.