MAUNA KEA, Hawaii - The protests against TMT are getting a big boost from a major Hollywood star. On Saturday, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a second time on Instagram about Mauna Kea. He says he stands with the activists.

How much is his support worth? The website Hopper HQ ( says The Rock ranks sixth in the country for Instagram followers. It estimates each of his posts has an advertising value worth $882,000.

Saturday's six minute video post summarizes the cultural aspect of the mountain. He wrote, "Mauna Kea is very sacred land in Hawaii. It’s church for Native Hawaiians.

"Hard to express how strong the mana and how heavy the heart was when I walked this sacred land with these people - our people. This issue is much greater than a Thirty Meter Telescope to be constructed on the Mauna. It’s humanity and compassion. 

"It's respect for culture and approaching this with deep care and sensitivity. I’ll always be strong advocate for the advancement of science and technology, but never at the sacrifice of human beings whose hearts are hurting thru mismanagement and breach of trust. 

I believe in forward progress, but only when it comes thru humanity. I don’t believe in leaving people behind, I believe in bringing people with us. The best of leaders find a way to make progress thru humanity and will always lead with empathy. 

I’m hopeful that leader will emerge to take care of the thing that matters most in this situation - the people. I appreciate the views shared with me from reps on both sides of this issue. It’s always healthy and critical to have open heart to heart dialogue. In the end, I stand with the people."

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