Junior UH football defensive back Eugene Ford is a nominee for the the Allstate AFCA Good works team and for Ford he realized the impact he can have on others as a freshman playing in the Rose Bowl. Not far from where he was born, it was no more watching UCLA games eating popcorn but instead running out of the tunnel as a Rainbow Warrior. It's not gas that feeds Ford's engine, but the inspiration to motivate the next generation that they can achieve whatever they set out to be. 

"A lot of kids where I come from don't get the opportunity to do what I am doing, or have people talk to them, it was exciting because all my family was there with my shirt on and name. A lot of friends were recording the game on their phone, sending it to me. They were like OOOO that's big time. Heart my  name on TV and they were kind of inspired by that, actually playing in the home town. So it kind of inspired me to talk to kids, give them a brief background. Let them be motivated, inspired by it," Ford said.

Stuff you do off the field, do you feel like there is translation to on the field, with the leadership aspect?

Absolutely, absolutely, keeping my head strong mentally. Actually just looking at how much of an impact I can make, that's my goal. Being an assets to the the the team on and off the field. Opening all these programs around the world, I inspire to do something just like that. Do that for many years, continue to build and build and build, beyond my years," Ford said.